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Journalist Kevin Kloor makes a plea to influential and well-respected scholars like Marion Nestle: Dont be fooled by a scientific veneer.

The History of Sake: Takamine and Today (with tweets) · pcronald · Storify.

F. Cunningham gave a great talk today at the ASM 2012 meeting on the discovery of provitamin A synthesis, Vitamin A deficiency and the creation of Golden Rice. Read my twitter stream here.    

New study concludes” “The western bean cutworm is neither a ‘new plant pest’ nor ’caused by GE corn’ as stated by Greenpeace.”

GM crops good for environment, study finds | Environment | The Guardian.

These findings indicate that transgenic crops can promote biological control, and enhance sustainable management of pest populations.

#GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to another is neither unnatural nor dangerous  

On November 6th, California voters will be asked to vote on a proposition about labeling of genetically modified (GM) products. On the surface this seems quite reasonable

It seems that plant biologists just cant take the misinformation about genetics any longer. First we had the moving and informative video from the Rothamsted Research Group  and now an elqouent article from two professors from Swedish agricultural university. You can read their story here: ”Populistisk miljörörelse demoniserar gentekniken” – DN.SE. Is the tide turning in Europe? Are…

At Conservation Remix, last saturday in Seattle, we heard from inspiring, thoughtful, and remarkable people about ideas that can truly change the world.