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Michael Specter: Is Dr. Oz Doing More Harm Than Good? : The New Yorker.

Monsanto court case not about save-the-seeds myth – Winnipeg Free Press.

Finally, after a 12-year delay caused by opponents of genetically modified foods, so-called “golden rice” with vitamin A will be grown in the Philippines. Bu for  8 million kids, the wait was too long. GM food: Golden rice will save millions of people from vitamin A deficiency. – Slate Magazine.

The GMO Stalemate in Europe

The GMO Stalemate in Europe.

Greg Jaffe, Center for Science in the Public Interest, addresses myths on GE crops.  What You Need to Know About Genetically Engineered Food – Greg Jaffe – The Atlantic.

Today @ Colorado State University – CSU rice researcher tapped for national policy board to help prevent bioterrorism.

Just the mention of genetic engineering, a process that has been used for thirty years and so far has not harmed a single person or animal, is enough to incite violence.

Gentechnik wird grun

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A Presidential committee today released a report calling on the Federal Government to launch a coordinated effort to boost American agricultural science by increasing public investments. The report was initiated at the request of Catherine Woteki, the Undersecretary for Research, Education, and Economics, and Roger Beachy, former Director of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture. The report…

Tomorrows Table: What does GMO really mean?   For years, journalists, television producers and newspaper reporters that write about genetically engineered crops, have used the term “GMO” (genetically modified organism) to describe these new crop varieties. The marketing industry has taken to writing “GMO-free” on their products, as a way to increase sales to consumers…