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The Tech Awards 2012 | NBC Bay Area

The Tech Awards, presented by Applied Materials, honors individuals, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies who are using technology to significantly improve human conditions in 6 awards categories. The technology used can be either a new invention or an innovative use of an existing technology. NBC will be livestreaming the awards ceremony tonight from the Santa…

Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions? by Fred Pearce: Yale Environment 360.   A thoughtful and timely article by freelance author Fred Pearce.

New Earth Archive – The New Earth Archive Booklist. Raoul and I are honored that Tomorrow’s Table was selected as one the top 25 powerful and influential books of 2012 that educate, inspire, and drive change Each year they identify 100 powerful and influential books on topics like climate change, biology, sociology, economics, politics, psychology, philosophy,…

More productive, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture will require ideas and practices from many different agricultural traditions. The polarised debate over GM – exemplified by measures like California’s Proposition 37, which would require GM food to be labelled as such – does little to advance that cause.    Future farms need to use every trick…

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On genetically modified food debate, experts see double standard –

Scientists defend safety of genetically modified foods –

“The tactics of the Dr. Oz show fall short of even the lowest standards of media and medical ethics.” via Letter to Dr. Oz Show Producers by Bruce Chassy, PhD | Academics Review.

The use of poor information to promote an initiative aimed at creating an informed consumer is a defining flaw of the Proposition 37 campaign. via Hiltzik: Junk science and Proposition 37 –

Are GMO foods safe? Opponents are skewing the science to scare people. – Slate Magazine.