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New Earth Archive – The New Earth Archive Booklist. Raoul and I are honored that Tomorrow’s Table was selected as one the top 25 powerful and influential books of 2012 that educate, inspire, and drive change Each year they identify 100 powerful and influential books on topics like climate change, biology, sociology, economics, politics, psychology, philosophy,…

It is a find tribute to Stewart Brand, one of the greatest environmentalists of our time.

Bill Gates had a lot of thoughtful things to say about technology and social innovation at the recent Techonomy conference, including a nice plug for Tomorrow’s Table! “There’s a lot of great thinking [from both the GMO and organic communities], which lead to things you should care about-preserving the environments and feeding people with a…

Thank you Bill Gates for your work on behalf of farmers and…. for blogging on our book, Tomorrow’s Table! If you don’t have time to read the full reviews, here are a few excerpts:

When fiction merges with reality

Hunkered down in an elegant hotel in Washington DC, watching the epic storm continue unabated, I cannot help but think of award winning author Kim Stanley Robinson‘s “Fifty Degrees Below“, the second novel in his three-part trilogy.

Green 2.0

One of the pleasures of reading Stewart Brand’s new book, “Whole Earth Discipline”, is that when it comes to managing the Earth’s ecosystem, he is unconstrained by conventional wisdom. In a break with many old-school environmentalists, Brand argues that the established Green agenda is outdated, too negative, too tradition bound, too specialized, too politically one-sided…