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Journalist Kevin Kloor makes a plea to influential and well-respected scholars like Marion Nestle: Dont be fooled by a scientific veneer.

F. Cunningham gave a great talk today at the ASM 2012 meeting on the discovery of provitamin A synthesis, Vitamin A deficiency and the creation of Golden Rice. Read my twitter stream here.    

New study concludes” “The western bean cutworm is neither a ‘new plant pest’ nor ’caused by GE corn’ as stated by Greenpeace.”

These findings indicate that transgenic crops can promote biological control, and enhance sustainable management of pest populations.

On November 6th, California voters will be asked to vote on a proposition about labeling of genetically modified (GM) products. On the surface this seems quite reasonable

Some consumers are embracing an emerging “geek consciousness” – a science-friendly approach that rejects unfounded attacks on basic and applied science and that emphasize knowledge-based agriculture instead of faith-based agriculture.

“If you’re looking to know whats in your food, well theres a lot of stuff in your food, and theres already a lot of stuff on the label,” says Lemeaux. “And a lot of people already dont read the label.”

Warning: GMO

Just read some of the comments on Amy Harmon’s #GMO labeling story from Friday’s NYT. Guess people care about this topic. Here are some excerpts: “Unless you are foraging, eating wild-berries, game, etc… then you are consuming GMO food. There is no logical definition of #GMO food” “Conservatives deny data on global warming; Liberals deny…

A paper in this week’s issue of Nature and a commentary on Revkin’s DotEarth blog reinforces the argument that a hybrid path in agriculture — incorporating both conventional and organic production practices — gives the best chance of feeding some 9 billion people by midcentury in an ecologically-based manner. The thoughtful and comprehensive study compares…

Consumers are asking us many questions about biotech seeds and traits. They want to know why some farmers may choose to use them and what the long-term implications are not only for our health but also for the farming/ranching industry. All of the challenges and issues facing the agriculture industry are very complex and multifaceted.…