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These video photoessays – one interviewing Colombian coffee growers, another Ghanaian farmers – document how a 2-degree rise in temperature has already hurt some of the world’s most vulnerable people. The videos show how rising temperatures have damaged crops, led to increased pests and disease, and ultimately forced farmers to switch to less profitable crops…

Climate change is the ultimate threat multiplier that will make other problems such as agricultural productivity worse. This is one of the conclusions at a panel called “Trusting Climate Science” here at the Aspen Environment Forum, sponsored by the National Geographic and the Aspen Institute. I am experimenting with liveblogging from the meeting. Lets see…

An Ode to Grasses

Check out this lovely commentary by Olivia Judson

Radically Rethinking Agriculture

I hear it is snowing in 49 out of 50 states today. And this, just after the big snow in Washington. Is climate change to blame?