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Food, Farming and Genetics in Korea

Korea has a 5000 year history of food and farming. How much can a nine-year old and her mother learn on a two week visit to this land of miracles?

The World Science Festival, is a five day-long extravaganza of science in New York City that is coming up this year on June 2-6. The World Science Festival (now in it’s third year) is not only for adults interested in science society- it is for kids, too. That why I will bring my 9 year…

Tomorrow’s Table’s Swiss-Gruyere pie made it to the pi day Pie Bake off finals. If you have time to peruse the entries, please do. Vote here.

Pie is a constant in my life

For the 2010 Pi day bakeoff, I baked a Swiss chard-Gruyere pie. Shown here is the backdrop to our garden:a mural on the side of our barn, painted with California poppies, rice plants, sunflowers and (look closely) a red double helix. Artist: Jim McCall, Elastic Media. Here is the recipe:

An Ode to Grasses

Check out this lovely commentary by Olivia Judson

Eat with the fullest pleasure

“Eating with the fullest pleasure- pleasure, that is, that does not depend on ignorance- is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world”. Wendell Berry