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Dinner with the Transcription Crowd

Well last night I was invited to dine at Clio’s with our Seminar Speaker, James Manley and some of the local transcription gurus, Kevin Struhl, Danesh Moazed, Steve Buratowski and Miriam Bucateli, a postdoc in the Buratowski lab. Unfortunately Dr. Manley had to leave early to catch a flight back to NY. But the rest…

Quote of the Day

Today’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why. – Hunter S. Thompson

Rubens Tube Experiment

Visualizing sound waves using a PVC pipe, gas and a lighter in some guy’s garage. Now this is how physics should be taught!

Why I’m Proud to be Canadian

This week, many things have been happening up north. The most important being … from the NY Times, Canadian Court Limits Detention in Terror Cases : Canada’s highest court on Friday unanimously struck down a law that allows the Canadian government to detain foreign-born terrorism suspects indefinitely using secret evidence and without charges while their…

Notes from a Tadataka Yamada Talk

Last week I attended a seminar by Dr. Yamada who is now president of the Bill and Melinda Bates Foundation. Here’s a couple of interesting points from his talk:

New online tools from Nature

OK a good friend and former colleague has induced me to get a Connotea account … and I have to say that it’s great. It’s like a cross between Endnote and your bookmark page … on steroids. If you don’t know what Connotea is, it’s a social bookmarking tool that lets you keep track of…

Bacterial Mitosis

I guess prokaryotes are looking more and more like eukaryotes. It turns out that their DNA is moved around by cytoskeletal filaments. The most recent (and one of the most dramatic) examples can be seen in a recent article in G&D where Fogel and Waldor describe how ParAI polymers yank the DNA around by being…

Mirror Neurons, Empathy, Autism

I saw this last night:

Yes it is the Fire Golden Pig. Welcome to the economic based renaming of our current astrological year. I was just told this funny story by Dr J. This is the year of the Gold Pig in the Chinese calendar. The calendar is based on a repeating cycle of twelve animals … so that last…

Trip to NYC

I wasn’t around for a bit – as you can tell I was overloading. Thus it was time to head down to the city. So Friday we packed our bags and headed down to NYC. Highlights from the trip: Although I thought that it was fading, the gallery scene in Chelsea was alive and well.…