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Cambridge Science Festival

Well it was officially last weekend but there are events going on this weekend as well, including a model of the human genome that stretches from Kendall Square to Harvard Yard. For more info click here to visit the official Cambridge Science Festival site or visit Corie’s blog.

To write or not to write

One question that keeps popping up in conversations on and off the internet is the question of what is a blog? As bloggers, what rights do we have? How should we be treated? When do we keep our information private? What should we write about, and what is off limits? I was talking to someone…

It looks like I’ll be giving a talk at our inaugural meeting on May 15th. More details to come shortly. See this previous post.

There is a great post on Mike Daisey’s excellent blog with regards to the aftermath of the recent vandalism incident at ART. It turns out that the man who poured water on Daisey’s notes was a religious fellow whowanted to protect his high school class from evil atheist thoughts. Mike tracked down the vandal and…

Earth Day with the birds

This past weekend was gorgeous. Sunday we were hanging out at Plum Island taking in the sun, when a pair of Piping Plovers, an endangered species, came near our beach towel. Here are some pics: I also shot some interesting pictures of various sand patterns – I’ll have to post them one of these days.

What’s Up, Postdoc?

The third instalment of this postdoc carnival is available here.

Two weeks ago we went to see Mike Daisy’s monologue, Invincible Summer at ART. A great show. Once upon a time, Mike was putting on a one man show in Seattle about the dot com life when a fire, a book deal, and some crazy ideas led him to move to New York City. After…

Organize your PDFs with iTunes

Want to manage all those scientific articles that you’ve downloaded over the years? Evil Gomez at ScienceSampler shows you how (link).

Upcoming Postdoc Carnival

Support the What’s Up, Postdoc? carnival by submitting a post on postdoc-hood or any other related subject. You’ve got just 2 days left so send it TODAY. Click here for details.

Soccer Saturday

A phenocopy of Maradona’s great goal by Lionel Messi. Here is Messi’s recent goal: Here is Maradona’s famous goal: And now here ther are, side by side: