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Read this stem cell paper!

Soon it will be clear that this year old manuscript by Kazutoshi Takahashi and Shinya Yamanaka will be the basis of a future Nobel Prize. The paper is how to transform any cell into a stem cell. In the paper the authors took an “I’m so smart” approach to the whole problem. These smart guess…

Here today, gone tomorrow

Rumour has it that last week a junior faculty here at Harvard Medical School showed up to his lab and with no prior warning announced that he was leaving academic science. The next day he was gone. All of his students were absorbed into neighboring labs. Apparently he took some lucrative position in a local…

‘cuz it’s my b’day

Some Tom Waits:

Pinker on Scientific Literacy

This past weekend in a review of Natalie Angier’s new book Steven Pinker wrote something I’d like to share with you (below the fold):

Have a great entry on genetics, genes, evolution, cell biology or any other relevant topic? The 15th edition of Mendel’s Garden is now requesting entries. You have until June 2nd to send ’em in. Just email me or submit them to Mendel’s Garden Carnival Page. The final compilation will be posted here on June 3rd.

Here is an amazing clip from BBC’s Planet Earth demonstrating the life cycle of a member of the Cordyceps family of parasitic fungi. For more, here is the Wikipedia entry on Cordyceps.

In the past 15 years, the two biggest technical advances that have helped us Cell Biologists are RNAi and green fluorescent protein, aka GFP. You see before the advent of GFP, researchers could only analyze the distribution of proteins in a living cell by first fixing and thus killing the sample. No information could be…

This is a cleaned up version of a comment I left on Larry Moran’s blog.

After picking colonies, preparing DNA samples from them, digesting a small aliquot of the plasmid prep with the appropriate restriction enzymes and preparing an agarose gel … you end up loading your minipreps instead of your restriction digests. Damn.

Stanley Miller (1930-2007)

Stanley Miller, of the famed Urey-Miller experiment, died Sunday (NYTimes Obit). Here’s an entry from over a year ago that was catalyzed by a conversation with a former member of the Miller lab: