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Biomedical Sciences, Two Approaches

Yes still in Italy. Looking back at this post, it looks like most of the small biologists (excluding structural biologists) who practiced the molecule-centric approach have been weeded out by the stagnation in NIH funding, but I still beleive that the temptation to perform such research is still there for many young scientists … so…

The Significance of Negative Data

Yes you’ve guessed it, I’m in Italy. Here is another entry dealing with scientific thinking.

The Three Types of Experiments

Still in Italy. Here’s another old entry for you.

The Nobels are coming up. Here is last year’s prediction (note that I had listed Mello and Fire).Who will win this year? You tell me.

In NYC waiting for our flight

Jenni and I spent the last 3 days in the big city, meeting friends, celebrating weddings and preparing to leave for the mother country. We stayed with our good friend Jan who lives in Morning Side Heights near the Columbia main campus. Right outside his apartment the Cohen brothers were filming their latest flick “Read…


I’m off to NYC and then Italy for a whopping 3 weeks. I’ll be visiting my mother’s hometown, my father’s father’s hometown and other sites along the Apennines. I may post little items while I’m gone, but until I’m back some old entries will be appearing on The Daily Transcript. Ciao.

Eric Dezenhall memo leaked

One lobbyist’s recommendations on how academic publishers should counter the open access movement. Do I need to write anything? Just read it here. Also see – Eric Dezenhall PR memo to publishers leaked (Coturnix) – Publishers prepare for war over open access (Jim Giles, the New Scientist) And previously: – PRISM – a new lobby…

Unfortunately I’ll be out of town, but if anyone is in the Boston area, I encourage you to attend. All the info is in this email I just got from Corie:

NIH – loan repayment awards

From today’s email:

RNA in Scientific American

Well it would seem that in the past couple of years pop science has discovered RNA. Via Genomicron, I found this article in Scientific American from a few years back. Unfortunately all the lit on RNA in the popular press is a little overhyped and not very well understood. Sure, there is probably a lot…