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Campus XLIV

As we correct for the earth’s rotation by adding a leap day, I’ll add an extra campus to this week’s edition of Map That Campus. (Yes two for the price of one!) Here’s the first mystery campus: And below the fold is the second mystery campus:

Tid Bits

It’s been a while … We’ll start off with Science and Art: Design and the Elastic Mind at MoMA (NY Times article) RPM at evolgen ponders about faculty members that blog. And now there are even journal editors that blog. In another post, RPM discusses the various phenotypes found in the typical audience attending the…

Another NNB Pub Night, this Thursday

I’ll try to be there this time. From Corie:

Life and Information

John Wilikins has a post on my last couple of entries: In a couple of posts, Scibling Alex Palazzo of The Daily Transcript has given two quite distinct views of what biology is about: information, and mechanism. In the first he argues that what is needed to build organisms is information, and in the second…

Life is full of Machines

Ken Miller thinks that life scientists should reclaim the word design. I was going to write the followup to “How to think about biology” post, but instead I’ll pick up on the ideas being floated by Miller that scientists should take back the word design from pseudoscientists (discussed at Pharyngula, Evolving Thoughts and Gregg Laden’s…

Map That Campus XLIII

Time for another mystery campus: hint: Powering all life I’ll confirm that what must be shown over the weekend.

How to think about biology

Fundamentaly biology is about information. An evolving entity must be able to copy itself – it needs the information on how to make a copying machine and it needs to copy this information to its progenitors. Already you can see how this works. INFORMATION => COPYING MACHINE => COPY INFORMATION

Six Degrees of Technical Separation

Last night I rediscovered James Burke’s Connections. Here is episode one. (PS Yes there is a strange inadvertent 9/11 subtext – from the Twin Towers, danger in NYC, technology traps, the end of civilization, to even a potential airliner crash, which incidentally is flight 911, what else???? But since this series was aired in 1978,…

A Revolution in Cognitive Science

As an outsider, I’m glad to hear all the new developments coming from those who study human behavior. It would seem from my ignorant, non-expert, outside-of-the-field perspective that there is a revolution going on. Many have abandoned the platonic view of thought, the juvenile Freudian view of motivation, and the idyllic view of the blank…

Open Access Comes to Harvard

(Yes I’m 2 days late, but I had to give journal club – which I postponed due to the grant – I finally presented this afternoon – the topic was all these paper describing transcrition profiles of the whole genome, I’ll blog about the wonderful chaos in the transcription field some time soon) Yes, Harvard…