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Go Habs Go

It is interesting how different corners of the world are preoccupied by unique items of interest. Take Montreal, my “home town”. There is a long history of hockey here and recently the whole town has gone Berzerk. You see unlike Boston and the Red Sox, Montreal not only has a historic team, but everyone here…

Montreal Seminar

I’ll be giving a short talk at the University of Montreal’s Institute for Reasearch in Immunology and Cancer as part of their Young Investigators Research Symposium.

Cranks Sowing the Seeds of Doubt

They announced rain today – instead it is sunny, warm and … a perfect distraction. Since I haven’t yet decamped for lab and am waiting for my wife to shower so that we can have a short picnic by the river before i head out to work, I’ll just leave you a few links to…


I’ll type something for you quickly as I have a couple of minutes. This week has been a little crazy. I’ve been preparing my talk in Montreal and gearing up to perform a major experiment, some old school bucket biochemistry. Baymate performed a similar experiment using dog pancreas, and I need to repeat the protocol…

Sorry, posts will be few and far between. I need to do some experiments. Here’s a nice giant cell with gobs of ER.

Charlie Rose Science Series: The Imperative of Science.

Map That Campus XLV

OK I’ve been prodded into this. Here’s this week’s campus: hint: Where is it? If you know what they are looking for and why they are looking here (and not … let’s say there), leave a comment.

Tid Bits

In the near future I can see that my blogging will slow down as my experiments become longer and more involved. In the meantime, here’s a few items to help pass the time away: First off, yesterday the New NIH Public Access Policies were implemented: The Director of the National Institutes of Health shall require…

Quote of the Day

I’ve been too busy being a postdoc. Here’s a passage I just listened to on my iPod. It made me think about our current crop of president-wannabes. The only office of state which I ever held, O men of Athens, was that of senator: the tribe Antiochis, which is my tribe, had the presidency at…

Quote of the Day

To be sure, there is no official diagnosis of death by blogging, and the premature demise of two people obviously does not qualify as an epidemic. – Matt Richtel in today’s NYTimes