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Map that Campus L

This week we have a special edition of Map that Campus. A few weeks ago I I wrote about my new voyage on the HMS Palazzo Lab. Well the resident of this campus had some advice on this topic: In a moral point of view, the effect ought to be, to teach him good-humoured patience,…

Map That Campus XLIX

It’s that time again. Here’s this week’s mystery campus: And the hint: Where cellular alchemy began. If you know the answer, or just want to take a cheap shot at Willie the Wildcat and his posse, leave it in the comment section.

Map that Campus XLVIII

Last week was way too easy. Let’s see how fast this one will go. Here is this week’s mystery campus:

Map That Campus XLVII

Welcome one and all to another edition of Map That Campus. Since I’m restarting this feature, I though that I would try something a little different. Here is today’s mystery campus: (more below the fold)

Map that Campus XLVI

The first one since April. Here it is: hint: Blogs are hot. So if you know the identity of the mystery campus please leave a comment. If you’re at this campus, maybe I’ll see you next week!

Map That Campus XLV

OK I’ve been prodded into this. Here’s this week’s campus: hint: Where is it? If you know what they are looking for and why they are looking here (and not … let’s say there), leave a comment.

Campus XLIV

As we correct for the earth’s rotation by adding a leap day, I’ll add an extra campus to this week’s edition of Map That Campus. (Yes two for the price of one!) Here’s the first mystery campus: And below the fold is the second mystery campus:

Map That Campus XLIII

Time for another mystery campus: hint: Powering all life I’ll confirm that what must be shown over the weekend.

Map That Campus XLII

The first Map that Campus of 2008. My apologies to the NU posse who have been patiently waiting not to see their alma mater. And so without wasting any more words, here is this week’s mystery campus: hint: It’s definitely not on Mike Huckabee’s campaign tour! Leave your answer in the comments section, I’ll certify…

Map That Campus XLI

This week’s mystery campus: hint: It swallowed the pill-designers (Lately it has been swallowing many RNA researchers). Since I’m about to leave for NYC for the weekend, I’ll confirm any correct answers next week.