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Being “Good at the Bench”

I’m on the last bit of my protracted vacation. I’ll be back on Monday. To commemorate work (got to get back into that mind-set) here’s a little rant I posted last year.

Entropy Driven Entry

By now I should be flying in to Paris to meetup with some old friends. Tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk at the Universite Pierre & Marie Curie entitled: The Signal Sequence Coding Region: promoting nuclear export of mRNA, and ER targeting of translated protein. Here is a post from a year ago. At the…

The Transient Nature of Academia

I’m in Italy. Until I get back I’ve set up my blog to repost some old entries. Here’s a post from last year.

Explorers & Crusaders

I’m in Italia. Here’s one of my favorite entries. It first appeared last year.

Erasing an Invention

I’m in Italy. Over the past two weeks I’ve been reposting my entries on technology. Here is a related post on Le Corbusier and his conception of the modern city.

Does technology make you happy?

Still in Italy. Here is a post from last year that was a follow-up to the entry that was reposted yesterday.

Rant on Technology

I should be walking around the family olive grove by now. Here is yet another old post from last year.

Biomedical Sciences, Two Approaches

Yes still in Italy. Looking back at this post, it looks like most of the small biologists (excluding structural biologists) who practiced the molecule-centric approach have been weeded out by the stagnation in NIH funding, but I still beleive that the temptation to perform such research is still there for many young scientists … so…

The Significance of Negative Data

Yes you’ve guessed it, I’m in Italy. Here is another entry dealing with scientific thinking.

The Three Types of Experiments

Still in Italy. Here’s another old entry for you.