Happy Birthday, Darwin!


In middle school, my friends and I secretly referred to athletic jocks as “creationists.” The joke was, of course, that they — with their neanderthal postures, fixation on brute strength and obsession with the less decorous emissions of the human body — were “less evolved.” Of course, this is before teaching evolution in schools was made illegal (or whatever).

It is in this spirit of snickering precociousness that I offer my birthday greeting to Charles Darwin, who would have been 200 years old today. Thanks, old chap! Many accolades are due; in your honor, and at the behest of SEED Magazine, I’ve put together a little video detailing the Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds. You can check it out in context here, as part of SEED’s radically multimedia Darwin Day online celebration.

Big thanks to the very supportive and enlightened folks at SEED for the vote of confidence, and happy Darwin Day, everyone!

Edit: Good gracious, the video got picked up by Pharyngula! Thanks for the kudos, PZ!


  1. #1 PA Wedding Photographer
    February 22, 2010

    Charles Darwin’s birthday was once again celebrated in my household. My kids have fallen in love with Charles Darwin thanks to the many creative covers at The Scientist magazine. I work for The Scientist so there are always copies lying around the house. They happen to love the birthday Charles Darwin cover.

  2. #2 RCH
    March 1, 2010

    I hate Charles Darwin

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