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Vote now for your favorite high school innovators! 25 top high school teams have been designing the future. Its not science fiction. Here, education meets innovation and entrepreneurship, and real science gets real. Teams have created innovative products to solve some of the grand challenges facing society. Now, they need YOU to help select the winners of the Spirit of Innovation Awards by voting online for your favorite teams. From March 29 to April 9, you can change the world, one vote at a time. Check out for more information on all of the teams, their products, and to submit your vote.

Over the next two weeks we will be posting some videos of the amazing ideas these students have come up with. But we need your VOTE! The best of the best will be coming to the USA Science and Engineering Festival in the fall. Who do you want to see at the festival in the fall?

Here are a few videos to check out. We will be updating our site with new videos during the voting:

AM Rocks – Solar Flare The Star Bar

Falcon Robotics Extra Vehicular Remotely Operated Vehicle (EVROV)) is a proposal to create a wifi controlled robot to reduce or eliminate the need to have astronauts perform EVAs


  1. #1 chris ford
    March 29, 2010

    If the innovative, smart nerds of the Spirit Innovation Awards met the Idol contestants – they would pronounce Siobhan Magnus as hot nerd gal extraordinaire – and give runner-up status to Aaron Kelly. Then they could take the contestants “new designs for Fords” and show them what real design is, not just the decorative paint jobs the Idol singers did.
    Siobhan would be asked by 43 guys for dates, and Kelly would get 7….with another 24 nerd gals and 2 gay nerd guys asking if he could intro them to Casey James.

    All kidding aside – Go Folks! I did the Westinghouse Science Fair years back and loved it!

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