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The last week for voting for the spirit of innovation awards! Have you voted yet? Check out for more information on all of the teams, their products, and to submit your vote!

Here are a few videos of teams up for the Spirit of Innovation award.

Check out Team Green MAST and their idea for harvesting Highway Windpower

This is Team Rocket’s Video Skit for the Space Nutrition Category of the Conrad Awards. Our Product: Peanut Butter Rocket Chips Our team is participating in the space nutrition category of Conrad Awards; our objective is to develop a nutrition bar for astronauts that is optimized for conditions in space–a product that maximizes shelf life, minimizes water activity, and meets calorie and health requirements while maintaining an appealing taste.

Check out Space Girls: Shuttle Crunch


  1. #1 Ormondotvos
    April 9, 2010

    Gee, I wonder how you pull over for a flat tire with all those turbines in the way.

    Profound Fail!

  2. #2 Greenaseyehavetobe
    April 9, 2010

    As for the comment concerning pulling over for a flat tire, you’d have to be pretty stupid to pull over on the left side median where they’d mount the turbines. Most people pull over to the right, where there is more room to get away from the speeding traffic.

  3. #3 emoticons facebook
    June 25, 2011

    i like the third one video the the shuttle crunch and Ahh!! the lady behavior so funny and crazy to go to tour in the science fair and in jungle!!

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