USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

Only THREE Days left to vote for the Spirit of Innovation Awards! Have you voted yet? Check out for more information on all of the teams, their products, and to submit your vote!

For the past week and a half I have posted different videos from the different divisions. The three divisions are Aerospace, Renewable/Green and Space Nutrition. Today, Tomorrow and Friday (the last day to vote) I will have videos that go with the finalists in each division.Here are the teams that are the Aerospace Finalists. Make sure you go and VOTE (Click on the big red button to vote). You can also find out more about each of the teams on this page, just look at the drop down bar to chose the team you want to see. The teams that win will be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in the fall.

Team ARCSat:Attitude quick-Reaction Control Satellite. This team is building and developing the ARCSat, an attitude-control system for pico-satellites.

Sun Sailors: Creating an innovative way to harness the sun’s energy using magnetic and solar sails.

Tenorios: A radically new design of a Mars Rover that will help alleviate the design flaws of the previous, NASA-built rover.

GADGET Resonance:The DiRes Chamber is a multi-purposed, multi-functional machine used to manufacture tools and equipment in a microgravity environment by using directed sound waves.

Hexigami: Hexagonal Origami Shelter Module (HX-M) The HX-M is a lunar living environment designed for a quick, safe, and economically practical return to the moon.

Falcon Robotics project Extra Vehicular Remotely Operated Vehicle, (EVROV): The idea we have is to create a robot that astronauts can operate via wifi control.

Monta Vista FBLA : BeIN Implant. This product, the BeIN implant, is a solution that will help reactivate the immune system while astronauts and space travelers are in space, helping reduce treatment costs upon return to Earth and preventing the entire mission to be jeopardized.

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