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Only TWO Days left to vote for the Spirit of Innovation Awards! Have you voted yet? Check out for more information on all of the teams, their products, and to submit your vote!

For the past week and a half I have posted different videos from the different divisions. The three divisions are Aerospace, Renewable/Green and Space Nutrition. Yesterday I covered Aerospace Finalists, Today I am covering the Renewable/Green Finalist and Tomorrow (the last day to vote) I will be covering the Finalist in the Space Nutrition category.Here are the teams that are the Renewable/Green Finalists. Make sure you go and VOTE (Click on the big red button to vote). You can also find out more about each of the teams on this page, just look at the drop down bar to chose the team you want to see. The teams that win will be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in the fall.

ACWa – Affordable Clean Water from Humid Air. Team ACWa has designed an extremely low-cost device for creating clean drinking water passively from humid air using the renewable energy sources of wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

Team Ramana has designed GoSolar is an innovative solar power system design. GoSolar harnesses solar energy at very high efficiencies and at lower cost.

ChlamyPower idea is for Algal Photobioreactors. The photobioreactors, are efficient, and cost-effective methods of hydrogen production that can easily be adapted to the real world with some research and development.

Team Orca The energy crisis is escalating out of control, and the modern world needs a solution.This team solutions is the Pterodactyl, a technology that uses not air but water to generate this needed energy. The Pterodactyl functions by converting the mechanical motion of ocean water waves into battery-stored electricity via a technology called piezoelectric crystals. Here is their site.

Native Sun Solar Fry Bread Cooker. The Native Sun Solar Fry Bread Cooker harnesses the awesome power of the sun to make it possible to make Navajo Fry Bread and other traditional dishes without using fossil fuels or scarce and expensive firewood.

TJ Alpha: This team’s creation, the Piezo-Paper, is a novel product based off the idea that the everyday sounds we hear around us can be captured and converted into electricity.

TJ Delta Green: Green Schools Proposal – Functional Vegetated “ecoroof” This team proposes the construction of a functional and integrated “ecoroof” at our school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST)

Green MAST: Green MAST has created a detailed package that will assist schools of all natures to become more environmentally sufficient while remaining financially profitable

Just two more days to vote!

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