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TODAY is the last day to vote for Spirit of Innovation Awards! Have you voted yet? Check out for more information on all of the teams, their products, and to submit your vote!

For the past week and a half I have posted different videos from the different divisions. The three divisions are Aerospace, Renewable/Green and Space Nutrition. Wednesday I covered Aerospace Finalists, Yesterday I covered the Renewable/Green Finalist and Today (the last day to VOTE) I am covering the finalist in the Space Nutrition category.Here are the teams that are the Space Nutrition Finalists. Make sure you go and VOTE (Click on the big red button to vote). You can also find out more about each of the teams on this page, just look at the drop down bar to chose the team you want to see. The teams that win will be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in the fall.

AM Rocks: Solar Flare the Star bar is a light textured satisfying snack with a blend of whole oats, puffed rice, and dried fruits with a touch of honey and cinnamon.

GBN GADGET:The Afterburner, the nutrition bar with a kick.

Team Delicious: Space Matter is a high-energy, high-protein nutrition bar with a flavor that was inspired by Mexican Chocolate, highlighting the flavor combination of chocolate and cinnamon.

Team Rocket: Our product, Peanut Butter Rocket Chips, is designed to last! After hours and hours of work, we have formulated a delicious recipe designed to fit the needs of astronauts, boasting a shelf life of a predicted 5 years in space, producing little to no crumbs, and containing loads of protein and vital nutrients.

SPACE GIRLS: Shuttle Crunch Bar is tasty peanut butter and chocolate nutrition bar with a crunch. Its ingredients are simplistic, but still meet NASA’s nutritional requirements.

Sonoma Valley High School: Date With A Nut is an amazingly balanced nutritious bar using sweet dates coupled with some delicious almonds.


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