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Come and meet Science Composer David Haines: Wednesday April 21st any time from 4.30 to 6pm at the Koshlan Science Museum, National Academy of Sciences, corner of 6th and E NW, across from the Verizon Centre.
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If you are a teacher at any level of the education system, a choral director, a member of any kind of chorus – religious, community, classical, ethnic – a scientist wishing to explore new ways of engaging our communities with the wonders of science, or if you’re simply curious to know what songs about science sound like, come along and meet David.

David is seeking choirs and schools (possibly whole schools – not just their choirs!) to open the inaugural USA Science and Engineering Festival with a performance of his secular science oratorio Powers of Ten on the unique ‘Powers of Ten Day’ – 10.10.10.

No one choir, group or school will need to learn more than half-a-dozen songs to take part, since the performance of around 21 numbers will be ‘shared out’ with only a few songs being performed by the whole ensemble. Teaching and practice materials will be easily available online and participation is free. There are no auditions or other criteria to take part – just your commitment to learn the songs and turn up to rehearse and perform on the day.

Powers of Ten
has been performed by children and adults of all ages from 5 to 85 in both the UK and USA. All you need is a willingness to discover a new way of expressing your enthusiasm for science through wonderful, accessible music that touches both hearts and minds.

If you hope to come along on Wednesday, email David on Puzjig (at) Or just turn up on the day. If you can’t come, but are interested in the project, email David ASAP and let him know, or call him on 617 308 9150.

There’s more about David’s work at and You can hear recordings of Powers of Ten and take a look at pdfs of the music and script at

These are just a few of the numerous plaudits for David’s work….

What a wonderful thing you are doing – the songs are very catchy. I wish more people saw science as inspirational!

Amanda Gefter Opinion section editor for New Scientist magazine

The work we did with David exceeded all our expectations. Our children have been inspired beyond belief. We now a have a school full of budding scientists.

Paul Brown Headteacher of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK

David Haines’ ability to bring together rigorously correct scientific concepts, lovely poetry and outstanding music makes him unique in the growing field of melding art with science education.

David Bass Doctor of Chemical Engineering, Composer and President of North Cambridge Family Opera, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

See you on Wednesday!

~~written by David Haines


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    June 25, 2011

    When i seen this show ht an entry taken by all the ten on ten at same time same day and also 10 singers My Go’d Rocking Performance by all. Now too much to saying blah blah blah!!!
    Thanks for this!!

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