USA Science and Engineering Festival

So…Who Won?

For two weeks I posted about the Spirit of Innovation Conrad awards and all of the cool stuff that these students were inventing. I urged all you, dear readers, to go vote for the people’s choice award. Maybe you are now asking yourself: Well…who won?

The following recipients were announced to be the 2010 Pete Conrad Scholars: Falcon Robotics (aerospace), Green MAST (green schools), ACWa (renewable energy) and AM Rocks (space nutrition).

And the the People’s Choice Award was bestowed on the team with the largest percentage of votes cast during the online, public voting period. The top vote-getter, AM Rocks, with runners-up: Ramana, TJ Alpha and Falcon Robotics.

Awesome ideas! A great way to encourage science innovation at a young age! And we look forward to the winners coming to the USA Science and Engineering Festival in the Fall!

Check out the video from the people’s choice award:


  1. #1 bernard
    October 20, 2010

    to encourage young people in the field of science, of course beautiful. As far as I watched the beautiful video.

  2. #2 emoticons facebook
    June 22, 2011

    @benard : really this awful to watch and i should agree with you that such a nice topic ever is science. As i am a science student i always want to know more about science and i am going deep and deep every time. I feel great when i invent any new creature that’s related to science.

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