USA Science and Engineering Festival

Lunch with a Laureate–Kary Mullis

Sometimes kids label science as being ‘uncool’ and even irrelevant. It is sometimes believed to be inaccessible and worse yet that scientists have no fun. Check out these videos on PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction invented by one of our Lunch Lunch with a Laureates, Kary Mullis, I have to say differently. Aside from having a bit of fun in these clips, PCR has a lot of relevancy in many aspects of life…forensics, conservation, new biological developments and many more.

Leading PCR Companies like Life Technologies and Agilent will have an exhibit at the USA Science and Engineering Festvial’s Expo. Check out their exhibit descriptions for more information.

This PCR rapper will even be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival!

The USA Science and Engineering Festival will be hosting a Lunch with a Laureate program where middle and high school students get to sit down and meet with a Nobel Laureate and let these students ask and find out what exciting ideas have makes these scientists so famous and how they got into science in the first place.

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