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i-b6a9b23b320964d87b2823335a0c0252-science idol.jpgSongs and jingles about the USA Science & Engineering Festival? You bet! And so many good ones, that we can’t make up our minds! We need your help to choose the winning jingle!

Below are the 7 top choices selected from nearly 100 submissions. Have a listen through them and then click here to vote. You have until MAY 12th to vote! Some of the submissions don’t include the words “USA Science & Engineering Festival” – we have still included them here because we like the feel of the song – if you like them, too, don’t let the lyrics keep you from voting for them (we can always ask the composer to fix that later).

Here are our top 7 choices (in no particular order)

A – Ryan Miyakawa: Come and play at the USA Science and Engineering Festival!

B – Larry Morris aka Professor Boggs: Science Spirit

C – Keith Harrison: Have you ever wanted to know what makes the world go?

D – Nicole Christensen: Are you curious about science?

E – Daniel Rubalsky:The Science Festival is Coming

F – Nancy Huddleston: There is so much to do and the scientist is you

G – Monty Harper: In Washington D.C. – that’s where I will be

Click here to vote for your favorites

Thank you to all musically inclined science enthusiasts for writing these wonderful songs! We heard a lot of really good songs and jingles, and had a really hard time selecting the top 7.

The winner will be announced in our next newsletter! Voting ends…MAY 12!! Tell everyone you know and tell them to vote!


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    June 23, 2011

    I want to go with Nancy Huddleston cause the name as i think have some interest in it… There is so much to do and the scientist is you .. Uhhm for more fun … 🙂

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