USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

i-b6a9b23b320964d87b2823335a0c0252-science idol.jpgSongs and jingles about the USA Science & Engineering Festival? You bet! And so many good ones, that we can’t make up our minds! Have you voted yet? We need your help to chose our final jingle as well as get the word out. Send this to your friends and get them to help us decide who to pick!! Just under a week to vote! So listen to the submissions and get your vote in!

Find the 7 jingles here listen to them all and then vote! You have until MAY 12th to vote! Some of the submissions don’t include the words “USA Science & Engineering Festival” – we have still included them here because we like the feel of the song – if you like them, too, don’t let the lyrics keep you from voting for them (we can always ask the composer to fix that later).

So what are you waiting for? Go listen and VOTE!

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