USA Science and Engineering Festival: The Blog

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Sid the Science Kid is going to be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival! And the best part is it looks like he even has his Festival T-shirt as well as all of his friends. Do you have yours yet??

Better yet, today is May 12th and I bet Sid the Science kid is also pretty excited that it is National Lab Day. In FACT, even the White House is also pretty excited about National Lab Day. And the best part? National Lab Day isn’t just a one day event. It will be going on all year, but today share with someone your enthusiasm for science. Here are a few ways, but I’m sure you can come up with a list yourself: Volunteer to help out with National Lab Day, tell a friend about the USA Science and Engineering Festival, maybe show them a cool science experiment that you can do at home, or take a walk in the woods and inspect and investigate the world around you. There are endless possibilities to celebrate National Lab Day, and while today is the official day to celebrate you can still celebrate science EVERY DAY.

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