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i-f1f4ef48605b06c5e708611182d29010-paul_fleisher.jpgA big shout out to one of our Nifty Fifty speakers Paul Fleisher! Check out his webpage that showcases his involvement with the USA Science and Engineering Festival’s Nifty Fifty program.

Paul is an educator who writes books that span from parasites and bad weather to the Big Bang with the intent to engage kids and their imaginations. His motivation to write books comes from wanting “teachers to become more comfortable investigating science with their students; to help children tap into their own curiosity about how the world works; and to integrate stimulating science instruction with the reading, mathematics and other instruction that takes up the majority of the school day.” Read more about his bio here.

Thanks Paul for being involved in our Nifty Fifity program and promoting the festival on your website!


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    June 22, 2011

    I like this posts also have thanks to Paul for being human to the Nifty Fifity me and my friends also wants to make a seminar on science base and eventually this post will give us some information and also a big inspiration.
    So thanks Budy!!

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