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This is a great shout out and an example of how to help reach a diverse audience. Truth2beingfit saw Larry’s letter and decided to post it on her website even though her website is all about fitness. This is an excellent way to get the word out. Thanks Truth2beingfit!!

On to the assistance I need from you regarding this: The USA Science & Engineering Festival – what I hope will be the country’s largest celebration of science and engineering — a FUN, entertaining, educational and FREE event geared toward reinvigorating the interest of Americans in the Sciences.

This is NOT a political statement… this is an EDUCATION statement!

My niece (my hubby’s brother’s daughter) sent me a email asking me to forward it to as many people as I can. She graduated with a Marine Biology BS from UC Santa Cruz and is currently applying to graduate programs all over the country. She did some AMAZING research studies while she was in college! I have trouble even understanding some of the stuff she says when we chat!

Well, after reading the email, I thought this is an important subject so why not post about it even though it is not a “fitness/health” thing. With the state of our economy & jobs being sent overeseas vs. staying right here & stimulating our own economy, I felt that this email was important enough to post right here.

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  1. #1 Jody - Fit at 52
    October 11, 2010

    Thx so much for the shout out & I was glad to bring some attention to this cause. We need to up the ante for education in this country! Great stuff!

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