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The USA Science and Engineering Festival challenged students across the nation to make a video that tells us “Why Science is Cool”. The video contest received over 100 entries, and the awards ceremony was hosted Oct. 24 in Washington, D.C., by Bill Nye the Science Guy, as part of the festival’s Expo on the National Mall. Top prizes include an HD camcorder (first prize), in addition to cash donations assigned to the students’ school science or technology programs, WOLFRAM Mathematica visualization software, and Adobe PREMIERE editing software.

The contest was sponsored by the Kavli Foundation, as part of its mission to advance public understanding of science.

1st Prize: Celena and Chris Chambers of Houston, TX for ” Science is Cool: Know Your Science”

i-23c0640b365a3cd8596810d3a45ac0a3-Chris_Celena Chambers.jpg
Chris Malik Chambers(15) and Celena DeShay Chambers (16)

2nd Prize: Itzell Marquez, Jeselle Guerra, Vanessa Garza and Brianda Flores of Roma, TX for “A Dollar Smoothie”
i-9b95124fd3f7f01080018156fb0690f1-Dollar Smoothie header pix.jpg
Itzell Marquez 11, Jeselle Guerra 10,Vanessa Garza 11, Brianda Flores 10

3rd Prize( tie): Amanda MacCartney of Orwell, OH for “Why Science is Cool”,
Amanda MacCartney

3rd prize (tie): Michael McRoskey of Solana Beach, CA for “The Appliance of Science”
i-8d7616deeb31336a621ab233433fea8a-Micahel_ McRoskey.jpg
Michael McRoskey

People’s Choice: Emily Forster and Sherry Chen of Potomac, MD for “Colorama”
Sherry Chen (r) and Emily Forster (l)


  1. #1 Isobel Kramen
    November 8, 2010

    Congratulations to all. You are our Future–and it looks great!!

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