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Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Julie Schablitsky – Archaeologist

–One of the nation’s leading historical archaeologists

–Using forensics and other techniques, her digging excavations have shed light on a wide-range of historical events –from the life of Naval hero John Paul Jones to the Donner Party ( America’s classic story of cannibalism)

From the time she went on her first archeological excavation at age 15, Julie Schablitsky has been enamored with digging (literally) for the truth – one artifact at a time. Julie’s job as a historical archaeologist is to investigate questions whose answers seem lost to history. She first made a name for herself excavating forts and frontier towns of the Wild West, and has since pioneered innovative techniques that blend archaeology, urban studies, and forensics in her work. Did George and Jacob Donner and their family really resort to cannibalism after becoming lost and snowbound in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1846? What became of the USS Scorpion, America’s hapless naval flagship, after sinking during the War of 1812?  These and other questions explored by Julie and her research team may surprise you.

To read the full biography of this passionate Archaeologist and other role models in science and engineering, click here.

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