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Fifty Thousand Facebook Fans and Counting!

USA Science & Engineering Festival Facebook Fans

50,000 Fans and Counting!


We are so excited to share the news that the USA Science & Engineering Festival Facebook page now has over 50,000 fans!  Facebook serves as a wonderful medium for us to reach a population of STEM enthusiasts! Facebook is a platform for us to connect with our fans using humor and intellect to spread the word about the Festival! Our mission is to re-invigorate the interest of STEM in our nation and we are seeing an amazing response to our quickly growing social media sites. The positive feedback we receive from our STEM posts, photos, tweets and news stories  indicates to us that there is a huge interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in our country!

Our daily posts include our Role Models in Science & Engineering,  our new “Learn Something” posts featuring fun and interesting STEM facts and of course posts that will cause a laugh here and there.  Be sure to check us out and connect with our community on Facebook and Twitter! We love to hear your feedback so if you are a Facebook fan please let us know what works for you and how we can improve our page.

Learn more about the Festival here.

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