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Popular Science, one of the leading sources of news in technology, science, gadgets, space, green tech and more, is returning as a key Americium Media Partner with the Festival! In doing so, Popular Science joins a growing list of other top science media leaders who will be serving as Festival sponsors, including Scientific American, American Scientist, Sigma Xi,…

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Edith Luchins

Celebrating Role Models in STEM! Read more about the life of educator and mathematician Edith Luchins here 

In Praise of Unsung Heroes in Science at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

Heroes should never be forgotten, but unfortunately too many of them in the field of science go missing from our classroom textbooks. Equally disturbing is that a disproportionate number of these heroes overlooked are women and minorities. While the average American young person will likely have no trouble detailing the latest antics of such stars…

Power Players: Why We Need More Scientists as Public Policy Makers

By USA Science & Engineering Festival Founder Larry Bock The answers to some of the biggest challenges facing us this century lie waiting to be discovered in the laboratories and institutions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. But we must remember, scientists do not operate in a vacuum in such endeavors. Increasingly, policy makers — often working…