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High Risk, High Return

By Guest Blogger Jason Osborne Explorer, Innovator, and co-founder of both Paleo Quest™, a non-profit citizen science organization, and SharkFinder™ When most people think about scuba diving, they envision coral reefs and colorful tropical fish. But for me and my fellow professional-amateur paleontologist Aaron Alford, this is not the case. As the cofounders of non-profit organization Paleo…

Northrop Grumman Foundation Gives a Unique Look at NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

True to its mission of helping to advance STEM education in dynamic ways, the Northrop Grumman Foundation, a major sponsor of the USA Science & Engineering Festival, will take visitors up close and personal this April with one of the most ambitious projects today in space science: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. At Festival Expo 2014, get…

Highlights of 2013 U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference!

This past June, more than  2,000 business, government, and education leaders gathered in Austin, Texas, to discuss the state of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in the United States at the U.S. News STEM Solutions National Conference. The USA Science & Engineering Festival was honored to attend and we are looking forward to our partnership for…

Nanosilver by Nifty Fifty Speaker Dr. Joe Schwarcz

By Festival Nifty Fifty Speaker Dr. Joe Schwarcz PhD Living is a wasteful business. Just think of all the stuff we dispose of down are drains and toilets. Pharmaceuticals, oils, cosmetics, hair, condoms, glues, paints, nail polish removers, soap, urine, feces, food remnants, toilet paper, pesticides, dyes, cleaning agents, blood and even vomit. And there are…

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Edith Luchins

Celebrating Role Models in STEM! Read more about the life of educator and mathematician Edith Luchins here 

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Swati Vilas Pol

Celebrating another Role Model in Science & Engineering Achievement! Noted Materials Science Researcher Swati Vilas Pol is creating a new green technology that converts plastic bags and plastic bottles into carbon waste material for a wide range of uses — from water purification to powering electronic devices. Awesome! To read her full biography click here

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Nifty Fifty Speaker Dr. Mary Cleave

We are excited to announce that Dr. Mary Cleave will be serving as a Nifty Fifty Speaker for the Festival! Long considered a role model in science and space exploration for her achievements, Mary is the recipient of various honors, including  being the recipient of the American Astronautical Society Flight Achievement Award (1989); NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal…

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Severo Ochoa

Celebrating Role Models in Science & Achievement! Biochemist and molecular biologist Severo Ochoa is best known for sharing the 1959 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with American biochemist Arthur Kornberg for discovering a bacterial enzyme that enabled him to synthesize RNA (ribonucleic acid). To read his full biography and other STEM Role Models click…

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Dr. Anita Roberts

Celebrating Women’s History Month with another STEM Role Model! Dr. Anita Roberts was one of the most cited scientists in history and she served as an inspiration to many cancer patients when journaled details of her own battle with cancer- a disease she spent 25 years researching. Read the full biography of Dr. Roberts here.

Role Models in Science and Engineering: Dr. Karen Panetta

Celebrating Women’s History Month with another STEM Role Model! Read the biography of Nifty Fifty Speaker & NerdGirls Founder Dr. Karen Panetta and how YOUR SCHOOL can host a Nifty Fifty Speaker here