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Story Time From Space

Guest Blog by Festival X-STEM Speaker Dr. Jeffrey Bennett Originally Posted on The Huffington Post May 9, 2014 What you cannot imagine, you cannot do. –Astronaut Alvin Drew (STS-118, STS-133) How many people are living in space right now? I’ve found that since the end of the Space Shuttle program, most Americans think the answer is zero, but…

Join Us In Honoring These African American X-STEM Symposium Speakers During Black History Month!

African American scientists and engineers have made extraordinary contributions to STEM and high-tech innovation, and you’ll meet some of these key pioneers at the Festival Expo’s X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposium hosted by Northrop Grumman Foundation and MedImmune on Thursday, April 24 in Washington! In honor of National African American History Month, the Festival would like to acknowledge these trailblazers and their achievements…