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Addressing Gender Imbalances in STEM Education

Guest Blog by Lindsey Shephard  Rainmaker and Resident Mom at GoldiBlox At GoldieBlox, we truly believe there are millions of girls out there who are engineers, but they just don’t know it yet.  We’re thrilled to join this year’s USA Science & Engineering Festival, where we’ll be able to interact with girls and their families, showing…

Meet Women Innovators Who Are Creating Cool, New Ways to Inspire Young Girls in STEM

Get ready as Festival Expo 2014 introduces you to a growing number of women innovators who are spearheading efforts to create exciting ways to inspire the next generation of female scientists and engineers! This includes designing STEM-inspired toys for young girls, immersing them in positive experiences that dispel the ¨nerd¨ stereotype that STEM-motivated females often…