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Futurist Michio Kaku Headlines Book Fair at USA Science & Engineering Festival

By Shawn Flaherty  Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and author of New York Times’ list topping “The Future of the Mind,” is one of 31 best-selling science-related and children’s book authors (and characters) who will be signing books during the USA Science & Engineering Festival’s Book Fair, hosted by Anderson’s Bookshops.   The Book Fair is…

Explorers in Our Midst: What the James Cameron Voyage Can Tell Us

By Larry Bock Founder and organizer, USA Science & Engineering Festival In our world of high-tech bravado, I often wonder where we’d be without explorers — those undaunted heroes and heroines of the past and of today whose achievements, like an unforgettable song or movie — form a lasting impression in the brain over what…