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Addressing Gender Imbalances in STEM Education

Guest Blog by Lindsey Shephard  Rainmaker and Resident Mom at GoldiBlox At GoldieBlox, we truly believe there are millions of girls out there who are engineers, but they just don’t know it yet.  We’re thrilled to join this year’s USA Science & Engineering Festival, where we’ll be able to interact with girls and their families, showing…

Celebrating Role Models in Science & Engineering Achievement: Chien Shiung Wu!

Chien Shiung-Wu — Experimental Physicist One of the foremost physicists of the twentieth century, this Chinese-born American researcher was often called the “First Lady of Physics” for her pioneering work, which included radically changing scientific views on the behavior of nuclear particles Chien Shiung-Wu once said: “I sincerely doubt that any open-minded person really believes…