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Science and Math With an ‘Edge’ — Learning Is Best When It’s Messy and Unpredictable

By Larry Bock Founder and organizer, USA Science & Engineering Festival The world runs on science and math, but let’s face it, to get this across effectively to young students we sometimes have to get a little, well… messy. No one knows this better than math and science author Sean Connolly who’s gained a reputation…

Festival Featured Author Sean Connolly Shares his Excitement for the Festival!

By Sean Connolly Festival Featured Author What a difference a digit makes! There I was preoccupied with making my own eggnog, checking page proofs, and It’s a Wonderful Life on television. Then along comes January 1, and with it that odometer switch from “1” to “2” at the end. Suddenly 2012 is this year. And…