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“Science, Danger, and Progress” a Talk by Featured Author William Gurstelle

The USA Science and Engineering Festival will really heat up when Popular Science and Make Magazine writer William Gurstelle speaks at the Family/Hands-on Science Stage on Sunday morning. Gurstelle, who wrote the bestselling DIY science book Backyard Ballistics, will be reading from his newest book, The Practical Pyromaniac. The book is a hands-on guidebook to…

Science and Math With an ‘Edge’ — Learning Is Best When It’s Messy and Unpredictable

By Larry Bock Founder and organizer, USA Science & Engineering Festival The world runs on science and math, but let’s face it, to get this across effectively to young students we sometimes have to get a little, well… messy. No one knows this better than math and science author Sean Connolly who’s gained a reputation…