The Voltage Gate

When We Let Nature Push Back

I finally had a chance to get out to Sweetwater Creek State Park last week, and we picked a perfect day for it. It was warm and slightly muggy, just the type of weather to bring out some of the Georgia wildlife I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to film…


Ian had some RL issues come up, so this months Oekologie will be a little late.

Plant Sensitivities

Yet another great Monday morning read from Wayne (even if it was posted over the weekend): an explanation of the thigmonastic response, leaf folding in plants, and the differences between movement in animals and movement in plants.

Evaluating the 2008 Farm Bill

Critterthink, the blog of the Center for Native Ecosystems in Denver, CO has posted a guide to the 2008 Farm Bill from a conservation perspective, highlighting what they call the good, the bad and the ugly. If you haven’t had time to review the bill yourself, take advantage of the hard work these folks put…

Strange Nomenclature

Wayne found a neat little site the other day and was kind enough to share it with us. Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature is a site of the strange and notable names given to organisms over the years. It’s definitely worth a look.

I finally got around to blogging about this study published in PLoS One a few weeks ago, regarding geophagy in tropical species of bats. The study provides a nice overview of the literature and some of the potential reasons why they (and we) do it.

I’m Huge on YouTube

Well, not really. But I’m surprised that I’ve racked up over 66k views and 86 comments from this video of a peculiar lion roar at the Pittsburgh Zoo, so I thought I’d share it here. I think someone could start a series of blog posts/videos called “Stupid Things People Say at Zoos”. You could literally…

Atlantans, I Need Your Opinion

This weekend, should I visit: Panola Mountain or Sweetwater Creek? I want to do some hiking/photography.

Oekologie #16 Is Up!

Cash has a fresh Oekologie for us, nestled in the Scientific Blogging community, at his blog, Science and Supermodels.

Oekologie Tomorrow

The May edition of Oekologie will be hosted at one of the lovely blogs at Scientific Blogging (though I’m not sure which…). It’s not too late to get your entries in.