The Voltage Gate

The Earth Day Issue

I usually despise laying out the newspaper on the weekends, but this weekend might be a little fun. The entire issue, with the exception of sports, is focused on Earth Day.

The Sierra Student Coalition at FSU has pushed their Earth Day celebration up a few days to be held on the same day as our new president’s inauguration, where they will ask the new pres to sign a commitment to combat global warming at Frostburg, an excellent political move by the Coalition.

The Bottom Line happens to come out on the same day. We have the columnists writing themed pieces, reporters covering Earth Day related events and the designers experimenting with unique imagery and furniture.

I’m excited to see the result. There are only four more issues left until I graduate, so I want this to be the climax of effort, for obvious reasons. I might post some of the better graphics here a few days early.