Walt at Random

A quick note about the archives

Most, but not all, of the archives for the original version of this blog now appear here.

I omitted old movie reviews, cruise line commentaries, and a handful of “temporal posts”–ones that really have no meaning at this point. In all, I omitted less than 10% of the posts.

There are a lot of posts in the archive that don’t fit very well in ScienceBlogs–but none of them have channels, and they’re there for archival purposes.

Another “scibling” made a great suggestion–that instead of importing my whole archive, I repost selected posts, flagging them as “from the archives.”

I didn’t do that because some of the posts here do (and will) refer back to other posts, and it just seemed cleaner to bring in the whole schmear. I might do some “from the archives” reposts, to be sure, but probably not many.

I did not do any censorship of comments or posts themselves. If a post was copied, it was copied intact…mistakes, dumb comments (my own and others) and all.

Tomorrow, back to new commentary, at least most of the time.