Walt at Random

It would be nice to say that the Library Leadership Network grows through advance planning and scheduled changes. It would also be nonsense.

Sure, there’s an overall plan (of sorts), but weekly changes tend to be opportunistic–articles grow and change depending on what I encounter and what’s suggested to me.

Many LLN articles are composites, series of smaller commentaries on an overall topic. Sometimes I add overviews to those composites or rewrite them as more synthetic (synthesized?) pieces; frequently I don’t.

A couple of examples from changes over the past week (for the full set of changes, see this week’s post at LLN highlights):

  • Multitasking notes, flagged as belonging to both People and Management among the major LLN topics, now includes a brief introduction and eleven smaller commentaries. Most of the commentaries view multitasking and Continuous Partial Attention as a problem in the workplace and elsewhere–but a new section discusses a long article “In defense of distraction,” albeit skeptically. (Ideally, no article in LLN stands on its own; in this case, the set of related articles includes Multitasking and librarians, currently a set of six commentaries with an introduction, and Generational issues, a category page listing six articles.)
  • Most leaders do presentations and can use advice on how to do them better. Notes on a talk by Ira Glass with suggestions on using storytelling to improve presentations make up the newest section of Presentations, which currently includes seven commentaries and leads to half a dozen related articles (including LLN’s cluster on unconferences and library camps, some of it original to LLN).

A reminder: You don’t have to be a librarian to use the Library Leadership Network–it’s open to everyone and it’s free.