What passes for tragedy

I’m on vacation this week, but was working on a post about the evolution of antibodies to be posted yesterday. Unfortunately, what greeted me when I turned on my computer thursday was this:

i-55a5288627b261e891581ab14f2e15fd-Picture 1.png
I’m actually a little surprised at how well I’m handling it, I would have expected that I’d be a wreck. Maybe it’s my current idyllic location, or watching season 5 of Six Feet Under to give me perspective, or maybe it’s the fact that I just decided to to a time-machine back up for the first time just before I left (which means, barring a meltdown on my external hard drive, the worst case is that I’ll loose is a handful of photos and my antibodies post), but I’m not actually that worried. All of my data lives in at least one other location, so even though it would be a bit of a pain to re-make figures, even without the back-up, none of the raw data would be lost.

Hopefully (probably), I’ll be able to recover everything. Until then though, I think I’ll go swimming in the lake, and be grateful that computer trouble is what currently passes for tragedy in my life.


  1. #1 rafael matias
    August 20, 2011

    This is why i changed my entire word files to google docs. Actually i don’t have word or excel on my pc anymore, thanks google !

  2. #2 Kevin
    August 20, 2011

    That’s a good strategy, but I sometimes need to physically remove my connection to the Internet sometimes in order to get any work done, so an entirely cloud based approach wouldn’t work well.

    Plus, I’ve found the google docs graph-making abilities somewhat lacking in the past. That was over a year ago, so maybe it’s gotten better, but still.

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