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New docs in the ‘sphere

We’re being far to easy on our medical students. In the old days, when giants walked the Earth, medical students wore sackcloth and lived in the anatomy lab with the cadavers. They didn’t have time to do something as frivolous as writing.

Well, they are doing just that. Some rather clever med students are finding time to become blogospheric bros. I would point you to Tim Kreider, one of my co-bloggers at Science-Based Medicine. He’s written some terrific stuff, and I think I can promise you some truly stimulating pieces to come.

We also have Beyond the Short Coat, which, despite it’s new-ness, looks and feels like an established medblog.

Go and learn.


  1. #1 Whitecoat Tales
    April 2, 2009

    Thanks for the post! I appreciate it greatly.

    And I’ll have you know that I am still wearing sackcloth, but they now let us live on the floor of the call rooms. As living carpeting, we keep the rooms warmer for the residents on call.

  2. #2 The Blind Watchmaker
    April 6, 2009

    I think that it is great. Today’s med students are the future of medicine.

    Plant the seeds of critical thinking today and, hopefully, we will have a healthy forest tomorrow.

    We could extend the metaphor with seeing the forest through the trees. I just can’t think of a clever way of weaving it in right now. Go Tim!

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