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Help out science—poll crash

So, this whole animal rights extremism thing isn’t really my thing—I’m not a researcher, and I think the ARA’s like ALF and PeTA are all fucking nuts. Still, they’re bad, bad nuts, so I have to care. Out in California, they’ve been threatening researchers and committing senseless acts of violence. That’s why you have to visit this LA Times Poll.

For details:



  1. #1 Nigel
    April 25, 2009

    The worst part about it is that they are bad, bad nuts who think they are doing, and very much want to be doing, something really, really good. They are very moral, idealistic people whose moral compass is completely broken. Quite apart from the actual harm it does, it is a tragic waste of idealistic energy.

  2. #2 Paul Browne
    April 25, 2009

    The poll results certainly make interesting reating now:-)

    If you want to make a more powerful statement of support you can sign the Pro-test petition at http://www.amprogress.org/site/c.jrLUK0PDLoF/b.5110163/k.1CA0/ProTest_Petition_Show_Your_Support_Research_Advocacy.htm

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