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How do you say it?

On July 4th at 5 a.m., I’m loading the family into the car and driving very far away, where cellphones, pagers, and most critically the internet, do not work. Blogging has been very hard for me lately. I love writing, but due to work and family mishegos it’s been hard to keep up with the…

ER, homeopath style

Yes, every skeptic on the web has posted this, but it is irresistible. Remember, yanks, that A&E in the UK is not a boring cable TV channel but what they call an ER.

Bad ads

In case you hadn’t noticed, the advertising present on the top and right of the blog has been a bit odd lately. Dr. Oz’s smiling face has been showing up above mine, you may have just won $59, your teeth can be whiter than white, and last but not least human trafficking in “Russian brides”.…

Happy New (Medical) Year!

The medical education calendar begins and ends on the first of July each year, and in the hospital, that means a brand spanking new crop of young doctors. While this may sound a bit scary, the facts are a bit subtle (and not terrifying). Some of the questions regarding the so-called July Phenomenon are: Are…