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BMI TMI update

So, it’s not always easy, creating a new lifestyle. This morning I woke up later than I’d hoped, so I didn’t have time to exercise. I didn’t really have time to eat either, but I made myself slow down and have a small bowl of shredded wheat. I also forgot to bring a snack to the office.

Anyway, my office neighbor, a cardiologist, had a lunch brought in, as he does every Thursday. It was, unfortunately, one of my favorites—Star Deli. If I’d followed my strongest desires, I would have warmed up some of the corned beef and made a corned beef on twice-baked rye with Swiss cheese, cole slaw, and Russian dressing—plus some yummy sides. As one of my partners said, “Tomorrow, you won’t care how good it was.”

So I picked a thin piece of rye, cut it in half, and put some turkey pastrami on it. It was yummy, but not as yummy as a big, greasy sandwich would have been. Thankfully I don’t have any blood pressure problems so I was able to enjoy some slices of new dill pickle without (too much) guilt.

I had a between-lunch-and-dinner fruit smoothie (280 cal), which filled me up nicely, and a bite of my friends chocolate bar.

Dinner was a chicken ceasar salad with a small amount of vinegar and oil, a hard boiled egg, and a nice piece of ripe cantaloupe.

I feel an order of magnitude healthier than I did a few weeks ago, but changing all of my bad habits is still pretty hard.


  1. #1 Catharine
    August 13, 2009

    Good thing you don’t live/work by Katz’s deli.

  2. #2 Noadi
    August 13, 2009

    So glad I don’t have blood pressure problems either because I LOVE dill pickles. The great thing calorie-wise is that they have very few, a whole cup of pickle slices is after a quick lookup about 20 calories. So no guilt.

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