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DonorsChoose–you did it again!

You guys are fantastic. You’ve fully funded another project. This one gets kids in a tough neighborhood focused on the outdoors in a positive way, exploring their environment. What a great project. I feel proud to have you as readers, and I’m even more proud I married a teacher. Teachers are working their butts off to get the basic needs of their students funded, and even little donations from others help them get there. These students are lucky to have teachers who care enough to go the extra million miles.


Wow! You guys just finished funding another project, this one for visually impaired kids. I actually shed a couple of tears—really. Thanks.


  1. #1 Kim Hannula
    October 5, 2009

    Yay! I’m so glad that that one got funded – it was also on my list, though I don’t think any of the donations came from our page. I was planning to highlight that one on “No Child Left Inside” day during Earth Science Week, but it’s taken care of already! Pal and readers, you guys rock!

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